POLARBEAR will provide warranty coverage to Customers who have made a purchase directly through polarbearpart.com Warranty coverage is not transferrable to second-hand purchasers of POLARBEAR products. Customers are responsible for labour associated with effecting any repairs on their products. POLARBEAR will assist with repairs via telephone providing step by step instructions or detailed videos on how to properly repair your products. Labour is not included with your warranty.

Warranty coverage:

(i) 1-Month Standard Parts Warranty (Included with ALL purchases): During the first month of ownership, POLARBEAR will cover both the parts and shipping costs associated with the replacement of any defective component on the product.

(ii) Due to the fragile nature of body fairings, they are not covered by any warranty.


The following causes of damage are excluded from POLARBEAR’ Warranty programs:
  • All damages caused by accidents, whether intentional or due to negligent or improper operation of the vehicle.
  • All modifications or alterations to any standard specifications or equipment. All upgrades, modifications or installation of after-market parts must be done at the Customer’s own risk, and the Customer is liable for any damages caused due to such alterations.
  • All damages caused by negligent use of parts which were not provided or recommended by POLARBEAR for repairs or alterations to standard specifications.
  • All damages caused by failure to perform factory scheduled service maintenance. Buyer is entirely responsible for the maintenance of purchased product.
  • All damages occurred as a result of improper storage.
  • All damages caused by the improper or negligent use of fuel or lubricants, and/or failure to use proper oil/gas mixture on 2-stroke models.

The following standard wear and tear parts are specifically excluded from warranty coverage:

  1. Rubber parts
  2. Tires
  3. Belts
  4. Brake linings
  5. Brake parts
  6. Cables
  7. Filters
  8. Spark plugs
  9. Bulbs
  10. Batteries
  11. Sprockets
  12. External springs
  13. Seat
  14. Hand grips.
  • Physical Damage due to accidents and/or negligence
  • Damaged caused by water on electric components.

All servicing made to POLARBEAR products must be carried out by qualified professionals to maintain warranty coverage. Failure to utilize qualified personal to effect repairs will result in the warranty coverage being cancelled.

Failure to inspect damages on delivery will prevent the Customer from filing a damage claim at the expiry of 48 hours from the time of delivery and Customer will be liable to pay for replacement parts.


POLARBEAR will securely place its larger products in a protective crate. 

The Customer will be responsible to carefully verify that all screws, nuts and bolts are well tightened prior to using the vehicle for the first time, and will also take reasonable steps to periodically do safety inspections of the bike before driving.

The Customer will always ensure that all fluid levels are proper enough to safely operate the vehicle according to the manufacturer’s recommended specifications. POLARBEAR strongly recommends that the Customer replace the existing motor/engine oil (i.e ”packing oil") already in the vehicle’s motor/engine, after a 25 hours break-in period. For the vehicles first oil change, POLARBEAR recommends to use the premium Amsoil product provided.

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